Spool Assy

Spool Assy


Spool Assy is a electrical generator at motorcycles. It turns on the lamps through the battery and electric ignition that empower the current through the CDI then end up at spark plug.

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1 RSASSY-H01 RSASSY-H01 Spool Assy: Honda GL PRO CDI
2 RSASSY-H02 RSASSY-H02 Spool Assy: Honda Pro New Tech
3 RSASSY-H03 RSASSY-H03 Spool Assy: Honda Grand + Fuser
4 RSASSY-H04 RSASSY-H04 Spool Assy: Honda Supra + Fuser
5 RSASSY-H05 RSASSY-H05 Spool Assy: Honda Kharisma + Fuser
6 RSASSY-H06 RSASSY-H06 Spool Assy: Honda Legenda + Fuser
7 RSASSY-H07 RSASSY-H07 Spool Assy: Honda Mega Pro
8 RSASSY-H08 RSASSY-H08 Spool Assy: Honda Supra X 125 + Fuser
9 RSASSY-H09 RSASSY-H09 Spool Assy: Honda Tiger
10 RSASSY-H10 RSASSY-H10 Spool Assy: Honda Vario + Fuser
11 RSASSY-H11 RSASSY-H11 Spool Assy: Honda Revo Absolute 110/DC + Fuser
12 RSASSY-H12 RSASSY-H12 Spool Assy: Honda Beat + Fuser
13 RSASSY-H13 RSASSY-H13 Spool Assy: Honda Supra Fit New + Fuser
14 RSASSY-H14 RSASSY-H14 Spool Assy: Honda Revo 100/AC + Fuser
15 RSASSY-H15 RSASSY-H15 Spool Assy: Honda Blade + Fuser
16 RSASSY-H16 RSASSY-H16 Spool Assy: Honda Tiger New
17 RSASSY-H17 RSASSY-H17 Spool Assy: Honda CS 1 + Fuser
18 RSASSY-Y01 RSASSY-Y01 Spool Assy: Yamaha Force 1 + Fuser
19 RSASSY-Y02 RSASSY-Y02 Spool Assy: Yamaha Crypton + Fuser
20 RSASSY-Y03 RSASSY-Y03 Spool Assy: Yamaha Vega + Fuser
21 RSASSY-Y04 RSASSY-Y04 Spool Assy: Yamaha Jupiter + Fuser
22 RSASSY-Y05 RSASSY-Y05 Spool Assy: Yamaha Scorpio + Fuser
23 RSASSY-Y06 RSASSY-Y06 Spool Assy: Yamaha Nouvo / Mio + Fuser
24 RSASSY-Y07 RSASSY-Y07 Spool Assy: Yamaha Jupiter Z + Fuser
25 RSASSY-Y08 RSASSY-Y08 Spool Assy: Yamaha Vega R New + Fuser
26 RSASSY-Y09 RSASSY-Y09 Spool Assy: Yamaha Jupiter MX + Fuser
27 RSASSY-Y10 RSASSY-Y10 Spool Assy: Yamaha Vixion + Fuser
28 RSASSY-Y11 RSASSY-Y11 Spool Assy: Yamaha Vega R + Fuser
29 RSASSY-Y12 RSASSY-Y12 Spool Assy: Yamaha Vega ZR + Fuser
30 RSASSY-Y13 RSASSY-Y13 Spool Assy: Yamaha Jupiter Z New + Fuser
31 RSASSY-S01 RSASSY-S01 Spool Assy: Suzuki Shogun 110 + Fuser
32 RSASSY-S02 RSASSY-S02 Spool Assy: Suzuki Satria
33 RSASSY-S03 RSASSY-S03 Spool Assy: Suzuki Smash + Fuser
34 RSASSY-S04 RSASSY-S04 Spool Assy: Suzuki Shogun 125 + Fuser
35 RSASSY-S05 RSASSY-S05 Spool Assy: Suzuki Thunder + Fuser
36 RSASSY-S06 RSASSY-S06 Spool Assy: Suzuki Satria FU + Fuser
37 RSASSY-S07 RSASSY-S07 Spool Assy: Suzuki Skydrive + Fuser
38 RSASSY-K01 RSASSY-K01 Spool Assy: Kawasaki Kaze + Fuser
39 RSASSY-K02 RSASSY-K02 Spool Assy: Kawasaki Kaze ZX 130 + Fuser
40 RSASSY-K03 RSASSY-K03 Spool Assy: Kawasaki Blitz + Fuser


Penggantian mengacu pada kerusakan pada spool assy tersebut, tegantung pemakaian dan umur.

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